There isn’t much that Ja’Kedric Watts does that Ja’Kadric Watts doesn’t know. The twin brothers that excelled in several sports at Garrison High School have used their special relationship to push each other to be better students, athletes, to help keep their programs close, competitive and … Read more


Knowing how to protect yourself and loved ones during a respiratory virus pandemic when you are an older adult or managing a chronic illness can be overwhelming. As healthcare professionals in the East Texas community, A Pineywoods Home Health’s mission is to provide medically accurate infor… Read more


Your president is a fascist terrorist! His attempts to suppress the votes of minorities and poor people are acts of fascism, as are his efforts to silence his detractors. His use of violent force against innocent, peaceful protesters, solely for the purpose of clearing him a path so he could… Read more

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Voting by mail

An AP-NORC poll found rising support for mail voting in November amid the coronavirus pandemic. Democrats are now much more likely than Republicans to support their state conducting elections exclusively by mail, 47% to 29%. What do you think?

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