A new project of the Convention and Visitors Bureau is asking residents both past and present to put their thoughts about Nacogdoches into a love letter.

“Instead of focusing on what you can’t do and the bleak in the world, we’re hoping people can shift their focus to the positive and great things about Nacogdoches,” said CVB Executive Director Sherry Morgan, describing the project titled Love Letters to Nacogdoches, commemorating the tourism agency’s 25th anniversary in 2021.

“We want love letters from individuals, from families, from people who have moved away, people who never left,” she said. “Look at Nacogdoches and tell us in the form of a love letter about those traits that are most beloved.”

Aside from the exercise in gratitude, the goal is to bind selected letters into a coffee table book in February to serve as a Valentine’s themed fundraiser.

“What we focus on is what we tend to see,” Morgan said. “When we take our eyes off what we’ve lost and what isn’t the same any more and focus on what it is we love and what drew us here, it’s a reminder why we continue to live and give in this community.”

Letters can be submitted by email at ashley@visitnacogdoches.org or via the website at visitnacogdoches.org/love-letters/

City Council on Sept. 8 approved the CVB’s budget and marketing plan, which focuses on the oldest town as charming, quaint and relevant.

“We’ve added safe and socially responsible,” Morgan said.

To help reduce costs during a pandemic related drop in hotel occupancy tax revenue, the CVB scaled back on costs such as supplies and advertising, while the city agreed to add a supplemental grant for the coming fiscal year.

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