Tyson needs to take PETA’s advice and produce vegan meats instead of animal flesh (“PETA to protest Tyson in Center,” May 15).

Wherever animals are bred, intensively confined, and killed, humans risk creating another pandemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that approximately 75% of new infectious diseases affecting humans—diseases like COVID-19, swine flu, bird flu, and more—originated in animals.

And the bloody, gruesome process of slaughtering, cutting up, and packaging the corpses of once-sentient individuals can cause those who inflict cruelty to animals to suffer from mental and physical health problems. Recent research suggests that handling meat can lead to psychological numbness within the first two years on the job for butchers and deli workers.

Meat is not essential. There are tasty, healthy, humane, and environmentally friendly vegan options. Let’s enjoy them. See www.PETA.org for more information and a free vegan starter kit.

Heather Moore

PETA Foundation

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