Did you ever wonder if America is going crazy?

We just start to address our problems and people are working and you can fill up your gas tank without worrying about it, gas is so cheap. We wait for the heat to pass and September to arrive and we can enjoy football.

For me, one of the more enjoyable things that happened was the lessening of the PC crowd always telling us what to do and how to do it.

Now, in the heat of summer we have riots in the cities, cops fighting for their lives, and livelihood and the coronavirus making us all choose between being a “masker” or a “non masker” and then being judged for what we decide. I’m a masker, usually.

Politicians are either “woke” or practical, with blue city mayors and blue state governors turning into Mussolini type leaders, not bending one inch.

The press keeps score on who they think leads the masses of great unwashed, best. Trump can’t get a break while Andrew Cuomo shines in their eyes. I saw a drop dead gorgeous reporter interviewing Cuomo and the praise she gave him bordered on flirting. The anchor showing the event on TV suggested they may need a cigarette later, it was that obvious the hormones were flowing. Meanwhile, Trump is shown going down a slide at West Point, almost killing himself.

The most startling event was the rise of Black Lives Matter as the most woke thing to happen this year. Virtue signaling from the left came in the form of $500 million dollars in donations and the elevation to the top of the progressive World.

Unfortunately, we also learned that the leaders of BLM are steeped in Marxism, and a video was shown of one of them proudly saying so. Meanwhile Keith Ellison, the Attorney General of Minnesota, was shown with his personal copy of the Antifa Handbook, which shows how to crack nuts with an iron pipe.

The new meaning of “person of color” as it applies to BLM, is red, rich red.

Get used to it!

Patrick Choate


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