Megan Elizabeth Farrish

Megan Elizabeth Farrish

A 2010 Nacogdoches High School graduate was killed in a crash about 15 minutes from her home in western Michigan Tuesday.

Megan Elizabeth Farrish, 28, of Byron Center, Michigan, was killed when her vehicle struck a semi truck near Burnpis, Michigan, about 30 miles east of Lake Michigan in the south central portion of the state, according to the Allegan County Sheriff’s Office.

Farrish was the daughter of Stephen F. Austin State University forestry and environmental science professor Dr. Kenneth Farrish.

Last week, she purchased a home and took her parents on a virtual tour Sunday.

“That was just two days before she passed away. That’s our most recent memory of being with her. Otherwise we were planning on going to see her this summer,” her father said.

Farrish initially moved to Michigan to attend college after graduating Nacogdoches High School where she was a heavily involved in the arts.

“She did a lot of different things. She was in the high school theater with some performances there. Her biggest pride thing was the marching band with Glynn Wells,” Dr. Farrish said.

She also preformed with the Lamp-Lite theater and loved to sing, participating in the Music Prep Choir at SFA and the Young Adult Choir at First United Methodist Church.

But it was a middle school program run by former teacher Danny Nichols that led Farrish to her career as a mechanical engineer in Holland, Michigan.

“When she was in middle school she was involved in a robotics program where they encouraged people to learn about mechanical things like robots and had robotics competitions,” her father said.

She was hooked, and of the three girls who made up her team — called the Band Geeks — she and another went on to careers as mechanical engineers.

“There weren’t too many girls in that robotics program. She found doing this mechanical work fascinating,” Dr. Farrish said.

After college she went to work in Wisconsin before moving back to Michigan, her parent’s home state.

Concerns about the coronavirus have temporarily sidelined a memorial service, but one will be held at a later date at First United Methodist Church on East Hospital Street.

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