I had an interesting experience at the University Walmart on April 25 with their one way aisles and social distance measures that they have implemented. It gave me these thoughts of concern.

I believe that a great hoax is being played upon the American people. As one who has two of the underling health concerns and as a senior citizen I can understand the need to protect those of my age and underling medical conditions. We do not need a stay-at-home-order. As Americans we know how to care for ourselves and others.

The reason I call this a hoax is due to the civil liberties that are being taken from we, the American people. When a governor of a state can restrict their citizens from going to their get-a-way homes in their same state is beyond belief. I lived in that state while stationed at Wurtsmith AFB, and during the summer we had those citizens camping and living in their get-a-ways. In one area of our county the county government is refusing to turn on the water to their get-a-way homes.

I have to respect and support the governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, for his willingness to open up his state even as the media criticism of reopening is dishonest and hypocritical. However, when the governor of Colorado began to reopen there is little or no attention given to him. Why you would ask? It is because Gov. Polis fits the media mold of what they want this country to become.

There are those who are using this Chinese virus as an opportunity to bring in the Green New Deal, expound on social justice, tear the American family apart, close our churches and end the use of coal and oil, which will bring a total collapse of our nation. We are being set up for a complete take over by a foreign government, sometimes referred to as the New World Order, without a shot being fired. We are sheep and those that are sheepdogs now have their chance to save our nation.

Robert Ault


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Take a look around much of this country is already being run by immigrants . The 116th Congress was composed of 13% immigrants or children of immigrants . Immigrants control our healthcare system and China control out medications and much of our food supply. China is the owner of Smithfield which control much our pork meat production . We also have 360,000 Chinese attending American universities seats that could be taken some poor American student . Often when we call our governments agencies we are given a choice to speak English or a third-language. It can get worse if we elect a liberal leftist administration in November to run the country .

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