The Democrats are unhinged. In a single letter, the writer (6-3) attacked most of the regular contributors to this opinion page, sort of like Custer in his last stand, shooting in every direction.

Of course, illegal immigrants vote and some have been prosecuted, convicted, imprisoned, and deported. No sooner than Trump had assembled the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, some states announced they wouldn’t cooperate with it.

Why would California, suspected of rampant voter fraud, vehemently protect their records, if they didn’t have something to hide? I thought the Democratic Party was the party of transparency. The only reason the task force didn’t find evidence of mass voter fraud is because it wasn’t allowed to look at the voter rolls.

The death of George Floyd was the most senseless loss of life ever recorded. As the rest of the nation peacefully waits for justice to be served to those police officers, the Dems are in complete meltdown mode, looting and burning their sanctuary cities to the ground.

The Dems have created a Frankensteinian monster they can’t control and it has turned on them. So these are the “woke progressive” cities that the Dems want the rest of the nation to emulate? No thanks!

The Democrats are a disgrace! It’s no wonder why the Dems can’t maintain law and order. They advocate for open borders, legalizing dope, defunding the police, etc. Did the Dems really expect their constituents to obey the law when they constantly advocate for breaking the law? Instead of disrespecting religion they should’ve read the Bible. The Dems are reaping what they’ve sown.

Trump imploding? America to the brink? The only ones who are imploding and teetering on the brink are the Dems. They’ve observed brain-dead Biden and have realized that Trump will be reelected. The closer we get to November 3rd, the more unhinged they’ll become.

Designate ANTIFA as a domestic terrorist organization? Whatever! The Democrat Party should be designated as a domestic terrorist organization.

They’re the ones who tried to overthrow the government and are looting and burning their s-hole sanctuary cities to the ground. Sad!

Philip Blackburn


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