Checking the daily mail is one of the universally shared pleasures. I remember the 3-cent stamp, and at 50 cents for a stamp today, we know we are still getting a bargain.

Several years ago the USPS began printing theme stamps that Americans love and don’t mind paying a bit extra for.

These stamps picture people famous for their contributions to society from history, music, theater, sports and military service, to nature — trees, flowers, animals, and more. A favorite stamp, the one with the word “LOVE” on it appeared in 1973. You may remember that the first two letters of the word were printed above the second two letters, all of them on a background of bright colors.

The artist was Robert Indiana. We appreciate the advantage of buying “Forever” stamps, the ones that are usable even after stamp prices increase. Businesses as well as individuals benefit from low costs of mail and delivery of purchases by USPS, an agency created in the Constitution and vital to everyday life.

Hearing that the USPS, the United States Postal Service, runs a deficit is not surprising.

The postal service started losing money in 2006 when Congress and the Bush administration, favoring private business, caused intentional damage by requiring the USPS to secure employee healthcare costs for 75 years into the future. 

What is surprising is that Trump refuses to allow Congress to give it needed financial support for various reasons, including his hope to discredit voting by mail as being fraudulent.

Both Republicans and Democrats agree that claims of fraud associated with voting by mail are unsubstantiated.

Five states already vote that way, and other states allow it under certain conditions.

Voting by mail would eliminate long lines on election day and eliminate exposure of voters to the coronavirus, while furnishing traceable ballots. Trump opposes voting by mail when his own party officials and top public health officials support it. I question his judgment.

Doris Daniel


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