The CEO of Nacogdoches Medical Center recently urged the wearing masks in public, proper hand washing and sanitization and social distancing on the part of businesses and the community to limit spread of the coronavirus. Most businesses are taking precautions, although some have become lax. A huge percentage of Nacogdoches residents are not wearing masks in public around others, however. The SETRAC hospital census for June 13 listed the case fatality rate for Nacogdoches County at 7.7% with 25 deaths based on 324 COVID-19 cases while Harris County’s is a low 1.7% with 271 deaths per 16,188 cases. This means we had far more deaths in relation to cases than Harris County with its nearly 5 million population. Residents are not being vigilant. There are only 22 ICU beds with a potential of 26 in Nacogdoches. To wear a mask is a matter of health and concern for one’s family, immediate and extended, as well as concern for others.

Only an N95 mask protects one’s self, but if all wear surgical or handmade masks when in the proximity of others, we protect each other. COVID-19 knows no politics, wealth, nor age. Young die as well as old. If federal and state government has not fully opened yet, and they haven’t, then why is everyone acting as if everything is OK? We will be in lockdown again sooner rather than later if residents continue as if there is no concern. If you love your neighbor as yourself, wear a mask and do your part!

Donna Hinson


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