When the time comes to vote, who should you vote for?

Here are a few examples, to help with your decision. Governor Cuomo of New York thought it wise to put Covid-19 patients into nursing homes, in fact he made it law. What he did, signed the death certificates of the nursing home residents.

Governor Desantis of Florida, made nursing homes a central part of his decision to control, monitor and isolate COVID-19 patients. He put COVID-19 victims in hospitals so as not to infect those most vulnerable to the virus. A side note: His opponent in the Florida governor’s election was Andrew Gillum, who recently was found inebriated, in a hotel room with methamphetamine and a gay prostitute and was unable to respond to the police when arrested.

Governor Desantis is a very bright man, while Governor Cuomo has name recognition and not much else, except a huge ego.

Mayor de Blasio of New York City got to work and ordered that homeless people be put in shelters, where they sleep one inch from each other at night. He then ordered his police to forcibly break up a Rabbi’s funeral, where hundreds had gathered because they were not practicing social distancing. The guys a genius, right? Just ask him, he’ll tell you.

Next, Nancy Pelosi wants a $3 trillion package for the pandemic and is asking for money for banks to make it easier for marijuana dealers to operate. There are other, non serious items in the Dem bill that have nothing to do with the pandemic. It’s the Democrat Utopia Bill.

Life is better with the Democrats around. How could we live without them?

Patrick Choate


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