Voter turnout reached 69.31% Tuesday as a record number of locals cast ballots in the general election.

On Election Day, 4,399 local voters cast a ballot bringing the total to 26,991 out of a record-breaking 38,942 registered voters. That’s more than 3,000 more voters than the turnout record set in 2008, though with more voters on the rolls, the county did not break out the turnout percentage record of 69.5% set in 2012.

Republican candidates received on average around 65% of votes, while Democrats received around 35%.

“We couldn’t be happier,” Nacogdoches County Republican Party Chairman Bradley Reynolds said. “Nacogdoches is a Republican County and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.”

A Democratic presidential candidate has not won Nacogdoches County since 1968 when Hubert Humphrey took Texas.

Reynolds and other members of the GOP gathered Tuesday night at the Fredonia Hotel to watch Fox News deliver election returns. Meanwhile, Democrats held a virtual watch party as turnout percentages remained fairly stagnant from 2016.

“We held our own locally. I had hoped to do better,” said local Democratic Party chairman Mike Strong.

At the top of the ballot, Republican Donald Trump easily won Nacogdoches County, garnering 17,359 to Democrat Joe Biden’s 8,989. Trump’s totals were up 2,588 here from 2016. Biden’s total surpassed Hillary Clinton’s 2016 performance by 2,143 votes.

“I think that’s a testament to the excitement the county has,” Reynolds said, noting that high turnout “speaks well for our nation.”

Trump was outperformed by several down-ballot Republicans, signaling a number of crossover voters. Jeff Davis won the bench in the 145th District Court with 359 more votes than Trump, and State Rep. Travis Clardy won reelection with more than 563 more votes than the president.

Three state judicial Republicans also outperformed Trump as did state board of education member Keven Ellis.

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Now that Trump is gone I guess all our trouble will disappear. Now the Trump haters will be able to sleep at night.

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