Just when I do not think I can be surprised, my heart gets blown up! The Home Team visited a 43-year-old woman, with remarkable injuries, who lives alone, no income, no support system, lives in a half-built home in the woods that is open to the elements, has no car and could not drive if she had one. The single lady had a professional job and was injured in a car accident. The doctors turned her down to file for disability as they claimed that her injuries would not be permanent with extensive therapy. She has no insurance by the way, cannot pay for therapy, nor could she get to an outpatient facility to receive therapy. She has reached out to every agency for help including Love INC. Our Home Team made a visit this week and found the conditions she was living in extremely devastating. This very soft-spoken lady was grateful someone had come and made no demands of us. She simply asked us to look around and whatever we thought we could help with would be appreciated. The Home Team came back to the office and reported that this situation was an emergency.

Her home was in the process of being built when her accident happened. The builder (contractor) was a friend of hers and he basically took her money and never finished the job. The home is open to the elements. There is electricity, plumbing and water. There are building materials lying around. She owns the land. They saw bees, signs of other “critters” that had open access to come in the home. She would be unable to protect herself from any animal, snake or “critters” that wandered in the living area. She experienced someone coming in during the night and vandalizing her home. She hid as best she could. The intruders did not find her but they stole all they could.

She does have a little garden a friend planted for her and she tries to care for this garden from her walker. We have involved other protective agencies to join us to serve this lady. We are hoping to temporarily relocate her to a safe place until we can find a way to do the repairs needed to her home and mow her property.

I would like to make a plea to our local contractors and builders to help us finish this lady’s home and make it safe and livable. We have several groups who will be working around the area this summer to serve folks who need home repairs and yard work. This is an extreme situation that cannot wait until this summer.

We see many people who live on disability. Many disability claims are obviously appropriately awarded. However, we also experience a different trend. Recently, a young able-bodied woman came in and asked for help with her rent. After our verification process, we discovered all three of her school-aged children were on disability for attention deficit disorder (ADD) and each one of the children received $731 each month. The young lady informed me she was pregnant and she was sure her unborn child would also have ADD. This was the income she reported and expected. We did not pay her rent as she could not explain where her money was spent. Her rent was $55 as she was on Housing.

There is something very wrong with a system where this is the tendency. This is a typical scenario we see and yet, this 43-year-old lady was denied disability. She basically is paralyzed from the hips down. Please help us serve her.

If you would like to help write “paralyzed” in the memo line of your check. If you would like to physically help please call our office, 936-569-8555.


Current cases

• Requests are for new or gently used: twin-size beds and mattresses; full-size beds and mattresses; any size bed frame; chest of drawers; crock pots; cooking utensils and spatulas; can openers and silverware.

How to donate

Send donations to meet the ongoing requests made by verified applicants to: Love INC, P.O. Box 630423, Nacogdoches, TX 75963; call 936-569-8555, or donate online by PayPal at www.loveincnac.org.

Patti Goodrum is the executive director of Love In the Name of Christ of Nacogdoches.

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