Every day I am reminded there are so many folks hurting in our community. We have a very nice homeless fellow who comes to us every week. He is very well-spoken and very polite and gracious. It is very obvious he has a mental disability, although he is high-functioning. His most valued possession is his sweet dog that he refers to as “son.” He refuses to go to Godtel because he cannot take his dog. His sweet dog is in need of a bath and needs clipping as well. We have been trying to help him re-establish his food stamps and disability payments. He claims he had these benefits at one time. He has been living in the woods for some time and keeps to himself and pays to take a shower at the recreation center once a week. We are hoping to help him move to a small efficiency or somewhere out of the elements soon. He seems to be happy, physically healthy and aware of his decisions. Accepting his way of life is difficult for the staff and volunteers, as we want to take care of him like we see fit. He has been very gracious to accept the food, clothes and other essential items that he can use; however, living somewhere without his companion pup is an “off-limits” topic. We will continue to visit with him and help him in any way we can. If anyone has an idea for a place he could live with his dog, please call me. He has no resources as of yet. He seems to be a very gentle, soft spoken and a delightful person. We have fallen in love with him.

Another population that we are burdened for is the elderly. We hear of older folks who are living alone and are struggling in many ways. Financially, living on social security, with deductions for medical care, as well as utility payments, food, medicine and upkeep on their homes is a constant problem. Many do not own their home, so adding rental cost to the situation is extremely disheartening. We are working with an older lady that has to have a medical procedure, and she has to choose between paying her bills and paying the co-pay for the procedure. Consequently, she has chosen to prolong the procedure she needs. Reviewing her application it is clear she cannot just save her money as everything is fixed cost. She goes to the food banks for food as well. Her rent is $750. If you would like to help with this case and help us pay her rent, write “medical procedure” in the memo line of your check.

Update on Love INC

shower and laundry facility:

We are beginning the “capital campaign” to raise funds to repurpose one of our storage buildings into the shower and laundry facility. If your church, organization or business would like to know more, I am available for presentations. Please call the office and schedule a time I can visit with you.

Thank you for your payers, your support and resources for the needy in our community.

Current Cases:

• This week we want to feature specific needs from our warehouse ministry. We families in need five twin beds, two queen beds, five dressers, three dining tables, kitchen utensils and silverware. We do not have any blankets or bed pillows. Below are general needs we always accept, that families often request.

• We also want to feature a clearinghouse need. We have many requests for dental care for our clients. Currently if the local clinic is not an option, we have no other dental services available to offer. We sometimes need an alternative for treatment for our clients because they are uninsured, or their insurance does not cover a specific procedure. We are asking several local dentists to partner with us and to each serve at least one validated, verified client per month. Clients would be limited to one service per year to be determined by each dental practice.

• Other validated requests are for new or gently used: blankets, all sizes; dressers and chests of drawers; twin, full, and queen size mattresses; twin, full and queen bed frames; microwave ovens; small dining tables and chairs; TV trays or folding tables; and heaters.

How to donate

Send donations to meet the ongoing requests made by verified applicants to: Love INC, P.O. Box 630423, Nacogdoches, TX 75963; call 936-569-8555, or donate online by PayPal at www.loveincnac.org.

Patti Goodrum is executive director of Love In the Name of Christ of Nacogdoches.

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