The unemployment rate for Nacogdoches dipped slightly in July from what was reported in June as the state added 23,500 non-farm jobs for the month.

The Texas Workforce Commission announced the monthly statistics Friday afternoon, marking “25 consecutive months of employment growth,” according to a statement issued by the organization.

In the City of Nacogdoches, the un-adjusted unemployment rate slipped from 5.2 percent reported in June to 4.9 percent in July, according to the commission’s data.

The statistics state that 14,002 people were employed in the city out of a 14,716-person labor force.

The city unemployment rate has hovered between 4.3 and 4.4 percent for the first three months of the year, before dipping to 3.7-percent in April and May, then climbing to 5.2-percent in June.

The county rate was reported at 4.4 percent for July, down from 4.7 percent county-wide in June.

The county labor force was 28,580 people, according to the data, with 27,312 of those workers employed and 1,268 unemployed.

Nacogdoches County’s unemployment rate followed a similar path for the year as the city, with January, February and March reporting 4.1 percent, 4 percent and 4.1 percent respectively. The rate dipped to 3.6 percent in April and May before ticking up to 4.7 percent in June.

Angelina County had a slightly higher rate than Nacogdoches County, with 4.7 percent of the labor force unemployed, or 1,676 people out of the 35,944-person labor force.

That was down just .1 percent from what was reported in June, according to the commission’s data.

Lufkin also reported 4.7 percent unemployment, with 706 people unemployed out of the city’s 15,092-person workforce. This was .1 percent from the 4.6 percent reported in June.

Statewide, some 377,100 jobs have been added so far in 2018, for a growth of 3.1 percent.

“Over the month, construction led all major industries, adding 10,500 jobs,” according to a statement released Friday.

“In Texas’ service-providing sector, trade, transportation and utilities added 7,500 positions over the month. Also within this sector, education and health services added 6,400 jobs, followed by leisure and hospitality with a gain of 5,700 positions.”

The statewide seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 4 percent for July, which was the same as what was reported in June, according to the commission.

Across the country, unemployment was just slightly lower than the Texas rate, at 3.9-percent, according to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Friday, Aug. 3, 2018. That was a decrease of .1 percent from June.

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