Navy veteran opens optometry practice

A longtime Navy veteran, Jacqueline L. Pierre, recently opened an independent optometry practice inside the Nacogdoches Walmart.

A longtime Navy veteran recently opened an independent optometry practice inside the Nacogdoches Walmart.

After finishing a 28-year military career, Jacqueline L. Pierre in August opened King Vision, named after her World War II veteran father Roosevelt King.

“We are a comprehensive eye clinic conveniently located inside Walmart. I love seeing patients and am so fortunate to have the opportunity to continue to serve the community,” Pierre said.

Pierre is an optometrist and health care administrator who spent 23 years in the Navy Medical Service Corps, with the rest of her military career in the Army Reserve and Texas Army National Guard.

She earned a bachelor of arts in biology from the University of Texas at Austin and a doctorate from the University of Houston College of Optometry. She completed a residency in pediatrics and primary care at Nova Southeastern University in Davie Florida.

“My work is an extension of me and my faith. I strive to help people see the world more clearly and to leave them in a better place. My life’s journey has help me to realize who I am, what I believe and how to effectively lead and positively influence those in my sphere of influence,” she said.

Serving in the Navy’s Medical Service Corps led to a rewarding career with diverse assignments, she said. Pierre has served in two oversees naval hospitals and seven branch medical clinics. Other assignments include healthcare administration, humanitarian missions, operational support afloat, sexual assault victim advocate, and managing equal opportunity programs and diversity initiatives.

After retiring, Pierre returned to East Texas to care for her mother in Shelbyville. Both her father and brother are veterans.

“Their service greatly influenced my decision to join the military,” she said.

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