Following the verdict, the mother of James Kelly, who was shot in his bed last October, read a statement to the court and to Marcia. "James is at rest and at peace now," said Frances Bone, staring at Marcia, who sat still, in a black, long-sleeved blouse and a black skirt. "But I hope your hell is just beginning." The jury of eight men and four women took a little more than two hours to return the guilty verdict after a weeklong trial that climaxed with the testimony of Shaina Sepulvado, 17, Marcia's daughter who is also accused in the crime. She told of the alcohol-doused and drug-addled days and nights leading to James Kelly's death, saying that she did not know a friend planned to kill Kelly. Sepulvado also claimed on the stand that James, her stepfather, molested her and beat her family, which prosecutors said she never mentioned before her arrest. The state said Marcia hired Colton Weir, 16 at the time of the murder, to shoot her husband. Weir, Sepulvado and Dallas Christian, 23, have been charged with murder in the case. Gary Batchelor, 16, and Billy Loftin, 27, both testified for the prosecution that they were present when Weir and Christian attempted to destroy evidence of the crime. Both have been indicted for tampering with evidence. Prosecutors did not present a concrete motive for the killing, but prosecutors and investigators did speculate that a $100,000 life insurance policy in James Kelly's name could have motivated the group. The defense claimed Marcia had asked teenagers to kill her husband, in jest, but never imagined one would actually shoot him. Friday morning began with attorneys discussing the charge for presentation to the jury. Defense attorney Tim James requested that lesser charges, such as manslaughter, be included, which the judge denied. In his closing statement, Tim James told the jury that the prosecution had not removed all reasonable doubt, because the state had not proven that Marcia had ever directly asked Weir to shoot her husband. District Attorney Stephanie Stephens took every opportunity to object during James' closing, breaking the narrative flow of his time with the jury. Stephens recounted the witnesses who testified that Marcia had offered money or vehicles in the for killing her husband. She reminded the jury of the previous afternoon, when Sepulvado entered the courtroom with shackled feet and arms and shared a testimony that contradicted all other statements she or anyone else had given. Sepulvado, who stands trial in January, testified on her mother's behalf - against the advice of her attorney. Her testimony followed the playing of an audio recording of a statement Marcia made in October, implicating her daughter in the crime. "You've got to give Shaina a little credit, because when her back was against the wall, she did not drop her mother in the grease," Stephens said. "But Marcia Kelly, the moment her back was against the wall, she dropped her daughter in the grease." Throughout the trial, beginning with hearings to remove evidence and change the venue, court-appointed attorney Tim James challenged the prosecution on points of law. Now that his client has been declared guilty, he said he plans to file two documents of appeal pointing out possible errors in the case and will eventually withdraw to allow an experienced appeals attorney to represent Marcia, he said. "We fought hard," James said after the trial. "You live in fear of doing something that's not right and someone suffering for it." Stephens said she was pleased with the trial and the sheriff's office's investigation of the case. Weir's trial is scheduled for November. "I'm happy with getting through the first trial, and I'm looking forward to the next three," she said. Kyle Peveto's e-mail address is

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