Tree planting

Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages employees from the Nacogdoches Production Facility and Distribution Center participated in a tree planting event along the new prairie section of the Lanana Creek Trail. Approximately 100 native trees such as cypress, pecan, water oak, and swamp chestnut oak were planted in celebration of Texas State Arbor Day. Helping with the event were, from left: Emily Kerr, Angie Mason, Paige Layton, Debbie McCann, Tracy Steinhauser, Dillon Collins, Kacy Murdock, Ryan DeWitt and Ryan Mooney.

The newest section of the Lanana Creek Trail remains a work in progress, while upgrades to the overall trail are completed one by one.

Funded by a grant from the Bright Foundation, the city has installed concrete on the trail under the Park Street bridge and made improvements to Father Margil Springs Park and the trail surface through Festival Park.

Volunteers in November planted 100 native trees along what they describe as the “prairie” section of the trail that runs parallel to University Drive, north of Austin Street.

“The city dug the holes for us, and it didn’t take us long working together,” said Emily Kerr, who volunteered along with co-workers from the local Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages production and distribution centers. “It is such a wonderful thing for us to have this trail.”

Among future plans for the northern extension are a trailhead parking lot to be located across from where Maroney Drive meets University Drive, said Kerr, who serves on the Lanana and Banita Creek Trail Committee. That project is expected to begin in spring and is being funded through a Texas Parks and Wildlife grant.

City Council one year ago voted to name the new, northern part of the trail after the late Frances Shofner, a longtime volunteer and advocate of the trails system.

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