Three out of the county’s five cities saw sales tax revenue climb last month, and all but one city has seen overall growth in revenue so far in 2019.

Both Nacogdoches and Garrison saw declines in sales tax money this period as compared to November 2018, but that failed to offset overall increased revenue seen this year.

In Nacogdoches, November’s payout was 10.6% less than that in November 2018, falling from $602,079.89 to $538,159.42. On the year, though, the Oldest Town in Texas has seen revenue increase by a little more than 2% from $5.83 million to $5.95 million.

In Garrison, revenue for the month dropped by more than 23%. The comptroller’s office paid out $5,357 to the town this month as compared to $6,997.89 last November. Overall revenue has increased by almost 16%, though, with sales-tax receipts totaling $64,169.21 so far this year as compared to $55,324.90 last year.

Revenue for Appleby is up for the month, but down for the year so far. November’s receipts totaled $2,514.80 as compared to $1,965.34 in November 2018 — an increase of nearly 28%. So far in 2019 Appleby’s coffers are a little lighter than last year all together, though, with receipts totaling $30,112.20 as compared to $32,210.83 by the same point last year.

Chireno’s revenue is up a bit for the month, though it has increased most significantly over the year.

In November, receipts totaled $3,389.52 as compared to $3,146.55 last year, for an increase of 7.7%. For the year, revenue is up more than 37%, with $39,367.31 flowing into city coffers so far in 2019 as compared to $28,719.10 in the same period last year.

Sales tax in Cushing was similarly up for both the month and year. In November 2018, receipts totaled $5,437.36. Last month, they totaled $3,389.52, for an increase of 17.31%. On the year, Cushing’s revenue was up 7.9%, from $58,360.66 yo $62,995.31.

Statewide, sales tax last month totaled $849.6 million, up 4% from what was paid out in November 2018.

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