A: In an article published in Lufkin Daily News on Wednesday, Aug. 23 concerning an accident in Trinity County involving an ATV traveling on a state Farm-to-Market road, a sentence read: "It's illegal to drive an ATV on any roadway, unless the vehicle is registered and marked as a farm vehicle, according to DPS." In double-checking with the Texas Department of Public Safety, they referred us to the actual law as defined by section 52.002 of the Agricultural Code, according to section 663.037 of the Texas Transportation Code: It is legal to drive an ATV on a public street, road or highway that is not an interstate or limited-access highway if the purpose is in connection with agriculture. However, no registration, certificate or special license is needed to do so. Under the statute, if the driver is using an ATV for agricultural purposes, he cannot drive it on the roadway for more than 25 miles. It must be driven during the day and marked with an eight-foot-long pole extending from the unit that has a triangular, orange flag attached to the pole's top. The ATV's headlights and tail lights must be illuminated. The Trinity County accident occurred shortly after dusk on Aug. 17. Please visit www.capitol.state.tx.us and search for section 663.037 of Texas' Transportation Code under "Texas Statutes" for more information. Stumped? Ask us. The FYI column is designed to let readers e-mail (to lufNews@coxNews.com) or call in (to 637-News) questions you want answered, whether about road construction, how-to tips, trivia or other information. You do not have to leave your name. You also can use that e-mail address or phone number to give us a News tip - anonymously, if you'd like. (We do not have Caller ID on the phone line.)

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