A Many, Louisiana, man’s lawn-care business story to explain more than $12,000 found in his pocket didn’t hold up to scrutiny during a traffic stop this week.

Royshun Avair Newton, 33, was arrested by state troopers and booked into the county jail this week after being pulled over for reckless driving near Etoile.

Newton was headed east on state Hwy. 103 when a state trooper traveling west noticed a vehicle tailgating another driver and veering onto the wrong side of the road, causing the trooper himself to veer.

The trooper flipped around and pulled over the driver, who said he was on his way to Louisiana in a car rented by his wife. When asked, Newton told the trooper about a prior arrest for methamphetamine, which the trooper confirmed with records.

Newton was asked to step out of the vehicle, which is when the trooper noticed “a large bulge in his right front pants pocket.

Newton estimated he was carrying some $10,000, which he attributed to a lawn business.

A Nacogdoches County Sheriff’s Office deputy was dispatched to help search the vehicle.

It wasn’t grass found in the vehicle when the trooper was given permission to search it, but rather crystals.

When the trooper moved to place Newton under arrest, Newton reportedly ran across the road, but the trooper and deputy wrestled him to the ground and took him into custody.

“Newton was placed under arrest by using reasonable and necessary force,” according to the document.

Three bags of suspected methamphetamine totaling at least 400 grams were found in the vehicle, along with $12,300 in cash in $100 bills and another $74 in the cup holder.

Newton faces a first-degree felony for possession of a controlled substance, a state-jail felony for money laundering and two Class-A misdemeanors for evading arrest and resisting arrest.

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