County Commissioner Jerry Don Williamson is seeking a fourth term representing Precinct 1, filing for the March 2020 Republican primary.

In the primary, Williamson will face challenger Joe Allport. As of Wednesday, no one had filed for the seat in the Democratic primary.

First elected in 2008, Williamson says he is familiar with day-to-day operations and budgets within county government as well as within his precinct, which has more than 300 miles of county roads.

“We’ve got a super good court right now — we are on the same page as far as priorities,” he said.

A fifth-generation native of Nacogdoches County, Williamson owned and operated an auto garage and parts shop in Cushing for 44 years and served in various volunteer roles in that community.

Below, Williamson responds to a few questions about his candidacy:

Q: What are the main issues the county will face in the coming year, and what decisions do you expect to have to make on the court?

A: Our biggest issue facing the county right now is our radio system. We’ve been working on this for several years. It’s very expensive, but our old system is antiquated and we’re trying to make sure we do everything right — to get the right system for the county and the best system for the money.

In the future — maybe not next year — there is also the jail. It’s something we’re going to have to address. It’s old, and we’re running out of space to put inmates. But again, we’re looking at lots of money.

In addition to that I would like to see the county get involved in getting more economic development to help increase growth. The (Sacul) power plant was a big loss to the county, and we need to work on bringing more economic development in.

Q: Are there any challenges particular to your precinct?

A: Yes, trying to continue to improve our road system. It’s a never-ending deal and continuously going up in price to keep the roads up and maintain them.

We’re having such tremendous truck traffic on our roads that we repair a road one year, and the next year it’s torn up again.

Q: A few details about yourself, your hobbies and family?

I’ve worked all my life and I want to continue to work for the citizens of the county. I love working for people. I’m a family man — married 54 years and we’ve got four children. My hobbies are my family and my children.

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