Former DaVita nurse posts $500,000 bond
Kimberly Saenz

A former Lufkin nurse accused of killing five patients and seriously injuring five others by bleach poisoning has made bail. Kimberly Clark Saenz, 35, posted a $500,000 bond Wednesday at 7:55 p.m., according to Angelina County Jail records. Saenz pronounced SINES spent seven days in county jail after a grand jury indicted her March 30 for capital murder and five counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She is accused of intentionally injecting patients with bleach while she worked at Lufkin DaVita Dialysis last year. Her recently hired attorney Ryan Deaton said his client is not guilty and is being used as a scapegoat by the company. "DaVita did the majority of this investigation, is my understanding," Deaton said Thursday morning. "They are grasping at anything to prevent civil litigation, so they are looking for someone to put this off on. They need a scapegoat." A DaVita spokesman said the company trusts the legal system. "We are surprised that she was released, but at least confined to the county line," said Richard Grenell, DaVita senior vice president, corporate communications. "However, we have confidence in the grand jury who indicted her on capital murder, and have faith that the legal system will deliver justice." Deaton said Saenz is a married mother of two and has no motive for the crimes she is accused of committing. "She has no motive to kill anyone," Deaton said. Federal health officials became involved in a massive health investigation late April 2008 after a spate of patient deaths and illnesses at the Lufkin dialysis center. The center closed for nearly two months as investigators spent weeks combing through patient documents and preserving dialysis equipment for forensic testing. Lufkin Police linked Saenz to some of the center's patient complications May 30 of that year when they charged her with aggravated assault. A statement issued by Lufkin Police last year said two witnesses saw Saenz fill a syringe with bleach and inject the substance into two patients' dialysis lines. The former Lufkin DaVita Dialysis nurse made bail under several bond conditions, including that she wear a GPS tracking device and have no contact with victims in the case, Deaton said. Her attorney said he is sure the case will go before a jury.

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