The following inspections were filed with the city of Nacogdoches:

Windhill Apartments swimming pool, 1324 Pruitt Hill Dr., 0 demerits

Woodland Trails Apartments, 1410 Martinsville Rd., 3 Demerits, additional signage needed, unclog flowmeter, gates need to self close and self latch

Donut Palace, North St., 5105 North St., 1 demerit, keep scoop in clean and sanitary-corrected on site

Fitness 360 swimming pool, 4822 N University Dr., 3 demerits, additional signage needed, repair sidewall tiling areas that are in need of repair, international symbol needed on pool deck

Best Western Inn swimming pool, 3428 South St., 4 demerits, unclog flowmeter, additional signage needed, repair or repaint pool surface, ring buoy with rope 2/3 width of pool needed

Best Western Inn, 3428 South St., 1 demerit, visible accurate thermometers needed for all coolers and freezers

Arbor Pines Apartments swimming pool, 3413 E Main St., 4 Demerits, pool surface will need repaired or repainted, unclog flowmeter, attach rope 2/3 width of pool to ring buoy, additional signage needed

Sombreros, 3000 North St., 11 Demerits, prep cooler must meet minimum cold hold temperatures or 4 hour rule chart needed, keep foods covered in coolers, and keep boxes of foods stored properly, ice scoop needs to be stored properly- corrected on site, provide visible accurate thermometers for all coolers and freezers, keep scattered trash picked up near dumpster, keep vents clean, shield guards needed

K Mini Mart, 2830 North St., 2 demerits, repair and damaged ceiling tiles, back plate needed for outside electrical outlet, keep dumpster lid closed-over flowing trash causing spillage and loose trash outside, may need larger dumpster or more frequent pick ups

Walgreens, 3004 North St, 2 demerits, hot water in rest rooms not meeting minimum temperatures set by building/plumbing code

Villa Claire Apartments swimming pool, 3300 Pearl St., 3 demerits, unclog flowmeter, ring buoy needs rope attached 2/3 width of pool, 911 phone access needed

Thousand Oaks Condos, 1500 E Starr Ave., 3 demerits, 911-phone access needed, ring buoy needed with rope 2/3 width of pool, flow meter not registering

Pizza Hut, 1632 South St., 1 demerit, keep food scoops stored properly-corrected on site

The Claridge Apartments swimming pool, 3409 North St., step etched needed, unclog flowmeter,

Clement Concepts at Pilgrim’s Pride, 928 Martin Luther King, Jr Blvd., 6 demerits, repair hand wash sink leak, keep items out of hand wash sink, keep access path unimpeded, hot water must meet minimum temperatures at all hand wash sinks food prep area, repair floor areas that are not smooth and easily cleanable, keep vents clean

North Street Apartments swimming pool, 3220 North St., 1 demerit, signage-warning no lifeguard on duty to be in 4-inch letters

North Street Apartments spa, 3220 North St, 0 demerits

Pepper Jack’s, 1504 North St., 4 demerits, four rule chart needed for prep cooler next to register, keep vents clean, repair and base of wall or wall areas that are not smooth and easily cleanable

Sonic Drive in, 3419 South St., 5 demerits, use by dated needed-corrected on site, keep vents clean, have base of walk in coolers entries cleaned, hot water needs to meet minimum temperature at one hand wash sink

Holiday Inn Express swimming pool, 200 Holiday Ln., 3 demerits, unclog flowmeter, south gate needs to self lose and self latch, additional signage needed

Brick Maize Apartments swimming pool, 2805 North St. Suite #B, 3 demerits, unclog flowmeter, need to replace no diving sign, touch up no diving symbols and wording on deck, touch up depth markers on deck

Red House Winery, 108 E Pilar St., 0 demerits

Nacogdoches Medical Center Cafeteria, 4920 NE Stallings Dr., 3 demerits, discarded one dairy product-corrected on site, repair floor area

Town Parc at Nacogdoches Apartments swimming pool, 1603 Cardinal Dr., 1 demerit, unclog flowmeter

Heritage Arms Apartments swimming pool, 2109 Pearl St., 3 demerits, unclog flowmeter, additional signage needed, attached rope to ring buoy-must be 2/3 width of pool

Newk’s, 3609 North St., 1 demerit, discarded one spatula-must be smooth and easily cleanable-corrected on site

Napoli’s, 2119 North St., 7 demerits, discarded one canned food product-corrected on site, provide soap at one hand wash sink-corrected on site, keep ice scoop stored properly- corrected on site, keep ice scoop stored properly-corrected on site, grease bin needs to be cleaned, discard excess trash near dumpster near dumpster, repair any damaged floor or wall areas that are not smooth and easily cleanable.

Ken’s #4, 911 W Main St., keep shelves and floors swept and clean, remove excess clutter from sales floor and back room, keep grass and weeks cut and maintained, discarded eggs and wieners due to improper cold hold temp, discarded one canned food product-corrected on site, keep dumpster lids closed and keep scattered trash picked up in parking lot, keep kolaches protected during storage- corrected on site, paper towels needed at hand wash sink, keep sink empty, provide paper towels in bathroom, replace or repair and damaged ceiling tiles

Sidelines Sports Bar and Grill, 3205 N University Dr., 6 demerits, paper towels needed at al hand wash sinks- corrected on site, discarded on spatulas, must be smooth and easily cleanable- corrected on site, hot water needed at one sink, need shield guard, repair hand wash sink-leak.

Papa John’s Pizza, 2702 North St., 2 demerits, keep equipment vents clean, keep floors swept under equipment and fixtures, repair wall area near mop sink

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