The following inspections were filed with the city of Nacogdoches:

Ocean Buffet, 3613 North St., 16 demerits, keep all cold hold temperatures at minimum of 41 degrees-corrected on site, keep foods covered in coolers and freezers, label spray bottle with yellow solution-corrected on site, discarded one dented canned food product-corrected on site, clean up excess grease build up at grease bin, paper towels needed at all hand wash sinks, use by dates needed

Sonic Drive In-North St location, 2903 North St., 2 demerits, keep vents clean, sweep under all fixtures and equipment, repair floor area that is not smooth and easily cleanable

Frog Pond Swimming Pool, 1507 North St., 7 demerits, resurface or repaint pool surface-paint peel, deck needs resurfaced, shepherd’s crook pole needed with hook attached, gates need to self close and self latch, back flow preventer needed for outside hose bibb, additional signage needed, existing signs must be completely visible, cannot be blocked, need no diving wording with international symbol on deck

Frog’s, 1507 North St, 18 demerits, keep drink mix in bar covered, keep scoop out of mix, label all spray bottles, keep items capped, properly discard food waste/grease, keep all hand wash sinks supplied with soap and paper towels, keep all equipment clean and sanitary, discard old equipment, sweep floors under fixtures, equipment, clean up clutter in storage areas, clean up outside of property, keep weeds cut, re-clean and re-sanitize one knife, three compartment sink needs repaired, repair or replace and missing or damaged ceiling tiles, repair and wall or floor areas that are in disrepair, keep all vents clean

Jalapeno Tree, 637 North St., 4 demerits, keep items out of hand wash sink, and use hand wash sink for hand washing only-corrected on site, discarded one spatula-must be smooth and easily cleanable-corrected on site, repair any floor or wall areas that are not smooth and easily cleanable-corrected on site, repair any floor or wall areas that are not smooth and easily cleanable

Snow-Ball Shaved Ice Food Truck, 1314 South St., 5 demerits, need test strips, keep soap and towels at hand wash sink-corrected on site

Brain Freeze Shaved Ice-Food Truck, 315 East College Parking Lot, 0 demerits

H and Z Texaco, 1626 North University Dr., 5 demerits, discarded one prepackaged food product-corrected on site, use by dates needed on self serve sandwiches, repair entry level floor area of walk in cooler

Days Inn Wyndham Swimming Pool, 2724 North St., 4 demerits, unclog flowmeter, international no diving symbols needed on deck, ft market needed on entry level of pool deck, additional signage needed

Comfort Suites Swimming Pool, 3429 South St., 1 demerit, unclog flowmeter

Empire Donuts, 2519 Woden Rd., 2 demerits, four (4) rule chart needed for kolaches

TS Sandwiches, 1122 North University, University Mall, 1 demerit, repair or replace water damaged ceiling tiles

Super 8 By Wyndham Swimming Pool, 3909 South St., 3 demerits, repair several pool deck surface areas and spa deck tile surface, additional signage needed, bathroom needs paper towels

Super 8 Wyndham Spa, 3909 South St., 2 demerits, need maximum bather load posted, need unbreakable thermometer for spa users

Dollar General-South St Location, 2003 South St., 6 demerits, cap needed on spray bottle-corrected on site, keep vents clean, replace or repair one water damaged ceiling tile, toilet paper needed in bathroom

Donut Express, 628 Northeast Stallings Dr., 0 demerits

Appleby Sand Road Depot, 3023 Appleby Sand Rd., 4 demerits, keep microwave clean and sanitary, replaced or repair and missing or water damaged ceiling tiles, keep all vents clean

Brendyn’s BBQ Food Truck, Red house Winery Parking Lot, 2 demerits, provide visible thermometers for all refrigerators and freezers, all log books and receipts are current and compliant, food truck is commissary, all paperwork is compliant

Ice Ice Baby Tacos and Snacks Food Truck, Freedom Fest, 0 demerits

UR Chef Food Truck, Freedom Fest, 0 demerits

Italian ice, Freedom Fest, 0 demerits

Big Fella’s BBQ Food Truck, Freedom Fest, 0 demerits

Taqueria El 21, 1422 Douglass Rd., 10 demerits, keep minimum cold hold temperatures at 41 degrees, keep foods covered in coolers, remove bottles and cans from outside area, replace one spatula-must be smooth and easily cleanable-corrected on site, keep all vents clean, repair wall or floor areas that are not smooth and easily cleanable

Skate-O-Rama, 1208 Douglass Rd., 2 demerits, used by dates needed

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