The following inspections were filed with the city of Nacogdoches:

1st City Café, 200 N Fredonia St., 5 demerits – discarded one dairy product, use by dates needed, discarded one spatula

The Fredonia Hotel and Convention Center, 200 N Fredonia St., 1 demerit – relabel spray bottle with clear solution

La Michoacana Food Store, 1000 North St., 10 demerits – bathroom needs hot water and adequate pressure, need anti siphon valve for outside hose bibb, proper storage of bleach needed, keep scattered trash picked up in dumpster area behind store, repair any floor areas that are not smooth and easily cleanable

La Michoacana Deli, 1000 North St., 10 demerits – keep cut produce at minimum of 41 degrees, keep all hot hold minimum temperatures at a minimum of 135 degrees, keep boxes of food stored properly in walk in freezer, provide thermometer for prep cooler and cooks

La Michoacana Bakery Department, 1000 North St., 3 demerits – relabel spray bottle

La Michoacana Meat Market, 1000 North St., 8 demerits – proper back flow preventer needed, sliced meats need use by dates, all cooler sections need accurate visible thermometers, repair walk in freezer

La Michoacana Produce, 1000 North St., 7 demerits – relabel spray bottle with blue solution, keep boxes of bananas stored properly, cut pineapple needs proper labeling

Chilly Fillmore’s, 2023 North St. Suite #101, 3 demerits – relabel spray bottle with yellow solution and relabel spray bottle with green solution

Jink Food Mart, 1930 Douglass Rd., 8 demerits – anti siphon valve needed for outside hose bibb, provide accurate visible thermometers for all freezers, keep vents clean, replace or repair any water damaged ceiling tiles, keep scattered trash picked up in parking lot and near dumpster area

Ice Ice Baby Tacos and Snacks, 2500 South St., 7 demerits – keep vents clean, keep back room clean, keep handwash sink empty, thermometer needed for cooler with burritos, use by dates needed

Kids Unlimited, 512 Russell Blvd., 4 demerits – keep all vents clean, relabel spray bottle with yellow solution, several ant beds in playground, plug cap needed in one room

Pupuseria El Pampero, 721 N University Dr., 2 demerits – use by dates needed

Say Cheese Food Truck, Etech Parking Lot, 3 demerits – provide test strips on truck

Nini’s Fresh Donuts, 1617 South St., 5 demerits – provide visible thermometer for one cooler, discarded one milk product, keep scattered trash picked up at dumpster area

Maklemore’s, 2304 North St., 8 demerits – label spray bottle, keep vents clean, remove excess grease from grease bin and grease bin area, repair floor areas that are not smooth and easily cleanable, paper towels and soap needed at all handwash sinks

Jack in the Box, 2015 North St., 5 demerits – keep fenced in retaining area clean of trash and debris, empty trash in barrel near dumpster, repair wall area near delivery door, keep items out of handwash sink, discarded one spatula

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