The following inspections were filed with the city of Nacogdoches:

McDonald’s Walmart Supercenter location 4810 North St., 0 demerits, 100 percent compliant

Raguet Child Care Center, 211 King St., 1 demerit, remove broken limb from tree on playground

Milestone Learning Center Academy, 1613 South St., 4 demerits, several ant beds in playground, paper towels needed at sink, plus cap needed in one room, sweep up storage room and AC/heating storage area

Bigs No. 2438 Convenience Store, 2438 SE Stallings Dr., 2 demerits, remove excess grease from grease bin, keep dumpster lids closed

Bigs No. 2438 Convenience Store deli and grill, 2430 SE Stallings Dr., 3 demerits, use by dates needed, need two shield guards for lights, repair exit door wall/floor area

Ax’Em Jaiq’s Daiq’s, 2106 North St., 2 demerits; provide paper towels at handwash sink

Donut Palace, 1822 South St., 4 demerits, discard one spatula, keep vents clean, keep dumpster lids closed, repair or replace any water damaged ceiling tiles, repair floor/wall area in kitchen

Days Inn and Suites, 2724 North St., 3 demerits, provide visible accurate thermometers for coolers and freezers, keep dumpster lids closed, keep caps on clearing solutions in housekeeping room

Taqueria Los 3 Portos, 2214 South St., 9 demerits, keep foods covered in coolers, self serve bakery items need proper labeling, keep freezers clean and wiped down, repair damaged floor areas

Continental Inn and Suites, 2728 North St., 1 demerit, smooth out vinyl floor areas in housekeeping room

Tacos Al Pastor Danita, 1724 South St., 6 demerits, lid and straw needed for employee drinks in food prep area, provide visible and accurate thermometers for coolers and freezers, discarded containers of water in back side of building

Popeye’s, 1519 North University Dr., 2 demerits, keep all vents clean, repair wall/floor tile area near storage area

AMC Classic Nacogdoches 6 snack bar, 3801 North St., 0 demerits

Marble Slab, 2425 North St., 5 demerits, test strip access needed, keep all vents clean, keep interior of cooler up front clean and wiped down, repair lower counter area near cash register

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