The following inspections were filed with the city of Nacogdoches:

Oyo Hotel lodging, 3215 South St., 4 demerits, contact public works-dumpster is missing lids, caps needed on several cleaning solution bottles — corrected on site, remove old cut limbs (trash)from property, repair floor and door/wall areas of housekeeping room that are not smooth and easily cleanable

Jack’s Backyard Pool, 1507 North St., 7 demerits, keep flowmeter unclogged, repair or reprint pool surface, need no diving wording and international symbol on pool deck, anti siphon valve back flow preventer needed for hose bibb, additional signage needed, replace missing skimmer covers, gated need to self close and self latch

Dolli’s Diner, 116 S Pecan St., 4 demerits, use by dates needed on salad dressing-corrected on site, discarded one spatula-must be smooth and easily cleanable-corrected on site, keep all vents clean, clean bottom of refrigerator-spillage-northeast corner of kitchen

Heart of Texas, 110 South St., 0 demerits, 100 percent compliant

Nacogdoches High School cafeteria, 1204 N Mound St., 0 demerits, 100 percent compliant

Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital cafeteria — Bright Cafe and Other Food Service, 1204 N Mound St., 3 demerits, discarded two canned food products-corrected on site, discarded one prepackaged yogurt product — corrected on site, keep lower vent clean storage area

Nacogdoches Senior Center, 621 Harris St., 1 demerit, replace or repair any water damaged ceiling tiles

Head Start Get-up Development Center, 1902 Old Tyler Rd., 4 demerits, keep all ceiling vents clean, keep storage area floors swept, repair any damaged floor areas that are no smooth and easily cleanable, several ant beds in playground —note property is maintained on a regular schedule by a professionally licensed pest control service.

Head Start Get-up Development Center kitchen no. 1, 1902 Old Tyler Rd., 1 demerit, smooth out counter top next to three compartments sink, replace or repair any water damaged ceiling tiles

Head Start Get-up Development Center kitchen no. 3, 1902 Old Tyler Rd., 2 demerits, turkey slices need date marking — corrected on site

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