The following inspections were filed with the city of Nacogdoches:

Donut Palace, 1511 N University Dr., 5 demerits – discarded one dairy product, keep utensils out of handwash sink, discarded one spatula

Star Food Mart, 107 North St., 11 demerits – need test strips, provide accurate thermometers for cooks, keep equipment wiped down, clean and sanitary, keep vents clean, remove excess grease from equipment and discard old grease, keep floors swept under equipment, replace or repair any water damaged ceiling tiles

Marble Slab, 2425 North St., 4 demerits – discarded several dairy products, keep vents clean, repair any areas that are not smooth and easily cleanable

Hampton Inn and Suites Swimming Pool, 3625 South St., 1 demerit – unlclog flowmeter

North Street Food Mart, 5105 North St., 13 demerits – need test strips, discarded prepackaged drink food products, provide visible thermometer for one ice cream freezer, repair any areas that are not smooth and easily cleanable, repair or replace any water damaged ceiling tiles, must have more frequent pick ups or have larger dumpster to prevent overflowing dumpster, keep vents clean, keep floors swept up in storage area, discarded one knife

Java Jacks, 1122 North St., 5 demerits – discarded one dairy product, relabel one spray bottle

Cambridge Court Apartments Swimming Pool, 5222 Northway Dr., 2 demerits – signage needed, rope 2/3 the width of pool needs to be attached to ring buoy

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