The following inspections were filed with the city of Nacogdoches:

Nettie Marshall Elementary School Cafeteria, 422 W Cox St., 2 demerits – several wall and floor areas that are not smooth and easily cleanable, keep ice scoop stored properly

Clear Springs Restaurant, 211 Old Tyler Rd., 3 demerits – provide thermometer for one prep cooler, keep ceiling areas clean for dust

Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital Cafeteria and Food Service, 1204 N Mound St.,3 demerits – provide thermometer for all coolers, discarded one spatula

Brookshire Brothers Food Store, 1216 South St., 2 demerits – discarded case of similac formula, keep scattered trash picked up in back area and along south end of property

Brookshire Brothers Bakery and Deli Department, 1216 South St., 9 demerits – food items removed from cooler, use by dates needed, discarded one food item in walk in cooler, repair floor areas that are not smooth and easily cleanable, keep vents clean

Brookshire Brothers Dairy Department, 1216 South St., 2 demerits – discarded one carton of eggs

Brookshire Brothers Meat Market Department, 1216 South St., 1 demerit – repair meat case cooler

Tacos Don Julio, 1403 South St., 14 demerits – keep all cold hold temperatures at minimum of 41 degrees, keep all hot hold temperatures at minimum of 135 degrees, keep boxes and crates of foods stored properly, paper towels needed in bathroom, provide thermometer for all coolers and freezers, keep grill wiped down of excess grease, paper towels needed at handwash sink

Stepping Stones Early Learning Center, 4528 NE Stallings Dr, 3 demerits – several plug caps needed, repair wall area with hold and loose wall strip area, pick up scattered trash around dumpster

Brendyn’s BBQ Food Truck, Red House Winery parking lot area, 2 demerits – paper towel access needed at handwash sink

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