The following inspections were filed with the city of Nacogdoches:

Chicken Express, 1614 N University Dr., 5 demerits, keep utensils out of hand wash sink, keep ice scoop stored properly — corrected on site, clean base of freezer near fryers, keep scattered trash picked up near drive through

Super S, 1718 E Main St., 9 demerits, discarded one canned food item-corrected on site, provide accurate visible thermometers for all callers and freezers, keep floors swept up in storage area, discard cardboard, cups and old ceiling tiles up front, repair or replace any water damaged ceiling tiles, test strips needed

Star Food Mart, 107 North St., 10 demerits, discarded one prepackaged food product-corrected on site, use by dates needed on all self serve sandwiches, provide accurate visible thermometers for all coolers and freezers, test strip access needed, keep all vets clean

Burger King, 2921 North St., 5 demerits, need anti siphon valve for outside hose bibb-corrected on site, keep vent clean, repair wall area near exit door

McDonald’s, 1717 North St., 1 demerit, proper storage of ice scoops needed-corrected on site

Snow Fox Sushi, 1215 North St., 2 demerits, keep paper towel access at hand wash sink — corrected on site

Handprints Academy — building #1, 1118 Tanglewood Cir., 2 demerits, several plug caps missing, electrical outlet in one room needs repaired

Handprints Academy — building #2 and 3, 1118 Tanglewood Cir., 2 demerits, several broken and hanging limbs need to be removed from trees in playground, discarded two milk products-corrected on site

Domino’s Pizza, 2403 North St., 1 demerit, discarded two spatulas-must be smooth and easily cleanable — corrected on site

Sunshine School, 3914 North St., 0 demerits, 100 percent compliant

2Hoog-JoJo’s Meat on a stick, 4506 North St., 2 demerits, keep hand wash sink empty-use only for hand washing — corrected on site

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