After reading some evangelical-fundamentalist letters it’s easy to understand why so many of them suffer from Religious Trauma Syndrome and need psychiatrists.

One Christian-Right correspondent offered an ironic “Yogism” when claiming that when “God” put us on earth “he” wanted us to take care of it, after implying that preventive measures are unnecessary because everything that happens is predestined and therefore, nothing can be done to change fate.

Another apparent Christian-Right opportunist omitted the fact that the 55,000 November manufacturing jobs that were supposedly created by Trump resulted simply because of the termination of General Motors two-month strike. He also failed to mention that Obama’s monthly job growth average was 30,000 higher than Trump’s and that Trump’s wage growth average is below three percent.

An aforementioned evangelical used alternative-facts in her letter. The real facts are that environmental scientists never said that the world will end in twelve years! They’ve instead warned us that if we don’t reduce greenhouse gases in the next twelve years that the negative effects will become worse and irreversible.

Another evangelical-fundamentalist and apparent wannabe-prophet stated that all people including atheists believe in “God”. Did “God” tell him that? I think not! I believe that there are far more control-freak hypocrites who claim to be believers that are actually nonbelievers, and they and all those fake-prophets suffer from Religious Trauma Syndrome.

Questions for Predestination-Evangelical-Fundamentalists: Why does your perfect “God” create imperfection, including imperfect people who disobey “him” and why does “he” punish them for disobeying him considering that they have no control over what they do? Why does “he” punish small innocent children by making them suffer with cancer? Oh, sorry I forgot! “God” has “mysterious ways” and we’re not supposed to ask those questions. So, should I beg “God” for forgiveness for making me write this letter? If your version of “God” is what you claim, humans are merely puppets controlled solely by “him” that “he” punishes for things that “he” makes them do. “Mysterious ways” or sadistic monster?

Conclusion: Mercenary, misogynistic, control-freaks created the evangelical-fundamentalist version of “God” for their own self-serving, suppressive purposes!

Ron Hurst


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The writer must have devine revelation the gives the power to judge others. One fact about the Obama Administration, it did nothing to benefit African Americans per se .

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