Another ‘forum’ (second and last of two scheduled) for candidates running for Board of Directors of Memorial hospital ... another NO SHOW. This one was sponsored by employees of Memorial hospital.

You would think, that at least 50 out of around 700 employees, would show up to hear about the future of our hospital first hand. Forget about the “community.” I believe most people here just wait for someone else to do their work.

I still applaud those candidates, who do not have any connections to the hospital itself, for trying to do something positive to save our hospital. Bravo!

As for ‘forum’ itself, the most significant issue (personal opinion) was Medicaid expansion. Outside of one individual, who warned as to what happens when government dishes out your health care’ most appeared to be receptive to this ‘expansion’.

I just returned from Europe (mostly Poland and Germany). This socialized form of ‘health care’ is the norm. Poland, who just shed the chains of socio/communism, relies mostly on this form of medical care. Two of my friends are scheduled for surgery. It will be at least six months before this takes place.

The biggest reasons for this is lack of doctors and nurses. Those who study medicine seek ‘employment’ in private hospitals, preferably abroad.

Just like it is already happening in our country, where government subsidized health care exists, their compensation is minimal for the work they do. Worse yet, consider what our veterans are going through with government in charge.

So, for all of you no show citizens of Nacogdoches, maybe the loss of our hospital will not be such a bad thing. There will not be enough willing doctors to treat you, should government become the provider.

John R. Makow


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