This last election is like WWI. The enemy has attacked, declared victory and then held off with trench warfare. It’s a standoff. The decent, honest citizens have decided to fight rather than just roll over, as they should. They have everything to lose, and nothing to gain from the New Democratic Party.

Minorities were just starting to reap the rewards of hard work when they were told good times were over, get back in line and take what the Democrats give you. It’s for your own good,

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Unfortunately, it seems that the battle in the trenches will not change the outcome when odds are stacked so heavily against you. When the media have taken sides and is no longer fair and balanced then, the outcome will resemble what Hitler did to get control of Germany during WWII. I still can't understand the admiration of China by so many in this country, They even have 260,000 students attending American universities. I still find China to be complicit in the killing of 38,000 Americans in the Korean Conflict and another 58.000 in Vietnam. Could we really love Walmart that we will forget what China did?

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