Why does the world no longer respect or trust our government? Much of the world has always resented our country’s overreaching attempts to Westernize and Christianize everyone else, but the Vietnam war was a turning point. Even among those who feared Communism, the war was seen as unjust and supportive of a regime that had absolutely no desire to fight a war that our hawkish government (under the influence of McCarthyism) exaggerated as a threat to our own freedom, as it has all too often done.

Another major declension came under GWB, widely regarded the single biggest threat to world peace. His affront on Iraq was an example of completely unprovoked aggression and his disdain for the UN was apparent.

He also actively resisted actions that mitigated the climate crisis. When Bush invaded Iraq, even its completely evil dictator, had some admiration in Europe for standing up against the US bully. GW’s deliberate indifference of international law made most countries wary of having American troops anywhere near their borders.

But Trump! That vulgar, misogynistic, racist, treaty-breaking liar who is not only “unfit to lead a dog on a leash but also unfit to be led by a dog on a leash,” betrays and makes enemies of our friends while emulating our enemies.

That exaggerated, unflattering caricature that was inadvertently elevated to the main symbol of our country, with the aid of Russia’s election interference, represents everything that anyone has ever despised about America. While seeking more power, he is far too incompetent to wield it.

He disrespectfully insults almost everyone he addresses, actively tries to curtail freedoms, demolishes US security, damages our economy and is deliberately destroying the remaining field where our country has always excelled: Science.

Fear’s not the same thing as respect, but Trump doesn’t have the mental capacity to know the difference. Yes, the country that elected that egomaniacal sociopath as its leader, has become an international joke and may never be respected again. Instead of making America great, Trump’s made it uglier. Anyone who sets foot outside our country, will find that fact is well-known worldwide.

Ron Hurst


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