I am absolutely delighted that Nacogdoches resident and SFA Professor Brad Maule has returned to TV’s premier daytime soap-opera, “General Hospital”.

Although I cannot say that I watch any soaps, I have to admit it was my late mom Gloria Marples’s favorite TV soap-opera. It started the year I was born (1963), and I guess it was enthralling to her until my dad came home from work at Cessna Aircraft company. I have to confess, when I was in university in the early to mid 1980’s I’d watch “General Hospital” after I drove home each day after my college classes ended.

Even I knew the names of the characters, including the fictional “Dr. Tony Jones” (portrayed by Brad Maule for an amazing 22 years). Little did I realize it, but I would actually get to “meet” Professor Maule at Stephen F. Austin University. The first time was in the year 2010 when former Heavyweight boxing champ George Foreman gave a lecture there. Mr. Maule shook my hand and we got to visiting a little bit.

The second time I met Mr. Maule in-person, he was Emceeing an East Texas Music festival event. This time, he instantly recognized me, and shook my hand. I was using a walking-cane both times. After that, time went on, I continued my life and he continued his.

Within the last year, my health has been deteriorating a little more with additional tremors, walking-imbalance, and growing brain-lesions. Only when I learned the exciting news of Maule’s return to Hollywood and “General Hospital,” I took a chance and reached-out to him simply to extend my best wishes.

By sheer good luck, he replied back, and extended his prayers for my health and well-being. I deeply appreciate that.

In a strange twist, I met his fellow General Hospital co-star actress Leslie Charleson (who portrays Dr Monica Quartermaine, MD) circa 1998 in Wichita, Kansas. I wish the best for Mr. Maule and the entire Show.

James Marples


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