On Sept. 22 I returned to Nacogdoches from a road trip which had touched all states between Texas and Virginia.

The Sentinel that day had an excellent letter from Wanda Morgan. I have not had the honor of meeting her, but the tenor of her letter gives the impression that she could be a former Democrat who has seen the light and rejects what her former party has become. The letter also prompted me to think of what I had seen on the road trip.

The most common sight was signs advertising jobs to be filled. These were present at restaurants, retail establishments, and on the back of big truck/trailers.

What they proved is that dishonest Democrats such as Schiff and Nadler pay no attention to how the country is being run, but rather focus on minor and imagined misdeeds to bolster their claims for impeachment.

Schiff has told one lie after another for years, and it is hard to imagine why his district keeps electing him, and equally hard to imagine why anyone takes him seriously.

R. Max Walton


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