The flagrant dishonesty of the Democrats at the national level could scarcely be imagined if it weren’t in our faces. First, Comey conspired with Obama’s crooked Attorney General to enable Mrs. Clinton an escape from the consequences of her lawbreaking.

No ordinary American could have been known guilty of such antics and given a pass. Unsatisfied with the election, Democrats provided false and incomplete information to the FISA Court and provoked actions which would never have been authorized without the false applications. As for impeachment actions, President Clinton was known to be guilty as charged, but Democrats defended him fiercely, and even today he is treated like a rock star.

Alcee Hastings was impeached and removed as a judge for criminal behavior.

No problem for him; he ran for Congress as a Democrat and is there now.

Senator Menendez was prosecuted and known to be guilty of criminal actions, but escaped punishment because of a hung jury. If he had any vestige of honor, he would have quietly retired after thwarting justice. Not a bit of it; he continues and speaks on as though he were a man of honor. Democrats just don’t care about honor or criminal behavior by their members.

Adam Schiff told lie after lie throughout the last year, and when many of them were exposed as lies, Democrats in the House still supported him.

Congresswoman Omar has shown by her comments about the 9/11 destruction that she is not a loyal American. Her fellow Democrats don’t seem concerned about her lack of loyalty. Shame on her and shame on them.

R. Max Walton


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