Don’t be alarmed at the effort by the Dems to drive Trump from office, because it’s great political theater for all of us to marvel at, and enjoy. It doesn’t get any better than this.

The truth is, not what the two sides say, but instead, what they do and have done. The Left is into words, not action, while the Right is all about results, i.e. capitalism.

Let’s look at California. There are only a handful of Republicans in office, 95% are Dems. This has resulted in a stagnant way of dealing with ever changing problems.

In nature, if organisms don’t mutate and change, they will go extinct. In LaLa land, they cannot tolerate dissent, resulting in a total inability to solve problems. They have a political system with absolutely zero original thinking. To think differently, in their Woke society, is impossible. That’s how you wind up with a hatred of capitalism and a love of the imaginary socialism. The left does not have the ability to think outside the box and go straight to socialism/communism/Marxism without any thought of the consequence.

It’s too bad they relish destroying history because they might learn something.

To be Woke is to be ignorant and nearing a dead end of evolutionary ideas.

History has taught that “come hell or high water” when socialism fails, grinding communism is all they can come up with. It’s the failure of the masses, not the elites.

California leaders just ignore their failures or change the laws to make their failures legal. It’s fun to watch, and very educational. Too bad that everything they touch is destroyed or corrupted.

The impeachment problem has become a disaster for the Dems. Rather than admit Trump, might have some good ideas and, won the election, they are acting like the Mafia and have put out multiple contracts on his head, all of them failures. They also hide behind the Constitution, while ignoring the Bill of Rights. They lie to the American people, without realizing, they’ve lied to themselves, instead!

Sit back and learn something new. What’s happening is historical!

Patrick Choate


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