In one sentence, the writer (11-3) laments the political division in America. But then, for the rest of his letter, the writer foments political division. The writer is disingenuous, as usual.

The Democrats are a disgrace! They almost had me convinced that Trump is a racist, until I remembered that he’s from New York City. The Dems make this claim all day every day. There’s only one reason they repeatedly claim that Trump is a racist: many African Americans either didn’t vote in 2016 or they voted for him. Now that Trump has the economy booming, even more African Americans will vote for him. The Dems are race-baiters.

Here we go again. The Dems are perpetrating another one of their hoaxes on the American people. Trump wants Ukraine to investigate corruption, as a condition for aid, and the Dems claim this is an attempt by him to “dig up dirt” on Biden. Well, the same thing that applied to Trump in the Russia Investigation applies to Biden in the Ukraine Investigation: if Biden didn’t do anything wrong then he doesn’t have anything to worry about. Trump endured two years of intense scrutiny and the Special Counsel found nothing. It’s time to investigate Biden with the same level of scrutiny.

Just because he’s running for President doesn’t mean he’s above the law.

The same writer (10-27) claims if Hillary had been elected and committed impeachable offenses then the “Democrats would have impeached and convicted her themselves.”

However, when Bill Clinton lied to a grand jury and obstructed justice, only five Dems voted to impeach him. He claims the Dems are “embarking on an effort of impeaching the President…because they have the courage to do what’s right.” However, instead of embarking on an official impeachment inquiry, the Dems have embarked on an “impeachment related inquiry.”

They cynically believe that Americans are too stupid to know the difference.

Americans are smarter than that and they’re sick and tired of the lies and hoaxes coming from the Dems. Trump will easily win in 2020 because the blue wave has crashed on the rocks, in disgrace.

Philip Blackburn


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