China claims they had nothing to do with the coronavirus. They also claim the entire South China Sea as a sovereign possession, defying the entire world.

While watching USA astronauts launched into space on a Space X rocket, an expert said that China has the technology to do the same thing, since they stole it from us. China has ballistic missile submarines targeting us, right now, along with a vast array of land based missiles. China owns the UN. China’s generals have said they would welcome a war with the USA. Bring it on.

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I perceive this as a fair and balanced article . Many of the thing stated are on target and can be proven as a fact.

Our liberal education systems have failed us , probably because the leaders have been indoctrinated by university with the liberal leftist global agenda . They have not taught students that China was complicit in the killing of 38,000 Americans in Korea and 58,000 in Vietnam . Main stream does not tell them that 360,000 Chinese students are enrolled in U.S. universities where they lean technology and take it back to China . There is evidence that many Chinese are professors in our universities and have been caught sending valuable technologies back to China . Finally do we love cheap products at Walmart so much that we are willing to forget that the Chinese are not our friend ?

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