It’s a sad day when we have a president who we fear his leadership and the effects he has on our population’s health, safety and rights. President Trump can’t be trusted to tell us the truth which is vital to our personal and national safety. He claimed the virus was a “Democratic hoax” and we shouldn’t believe the threat, therefore he delayed action for two months and it is estimated that if we had taken action even one week sooner we could have save 36,000 lives. He is promoting the use of a drug which is known to be dangerous, even deadly. He suggested that we should ingest disinfectant into our body because it would kill the Covid-19 virus. Trump doesn’t set a good example by never wearing a mask or keeping social distancing which gives the impression that we shouldn’t follow these practices. Even though many of us know better than to listen to him, but as president he influences many people who will follow his advice and example which is threatening their lives and our lives. Trump unfortunately disbanded the Nation Security Council team focused on pandemic preparedness that Obama set up, and they passed on a 69-page playbook for pandemic preparation. Trump claims Obama left him with nothing but empty shelves which is also not true.

It is our right to vote and to have a safe environment and access to voting. Trump is threatening to withhold funds for aid to Michigan and Nevada, with Democratic governors, because they mailed out applications for mail-in ballots. He said it was illegal which it is not. He hasn’t made the same threat to Republican governors. He says if mail-in voting is allowed “no Republican will ever win”. He claims it creates fraud which his own voting integrity commission uncovered no evidence to support his claims. Texas Republicans, Ken Paxton and Dan Patrick, also fear mail-in voting. In November with the threat of both the flu and coronavirus, we need the mail-in option.

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Karen Allen

It is so refreshing to see a different point of view in the Opinion section, compared to the summaries of conspiracy theories that we usually see. I always make an effort to listen to and read different points of view so that I am not propelled down a stream of one way thinking. The Daily Sentinel, and all free press, should make a bigger effort to be balanced in what it presents.


The actions of the recent protestors has shown that the is no justification for mail-in- voting . These actions of hordes of destructive people shows that with no mask or social distancing tell you that voting by mail is an intent for Democrats to have enough illegal ballots cast for them to win . People all around the country show that there in no fear of corvie-19 .

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