Minorities in our country make up more than half of our first responders and more than 63% of the workers in meat processing plants. Along with grocery store workers and health care workers they are at the highest risk of catching the coronavirus.

Letting minorities suffer so that the elite can thrive is known as utilitarianism. Ethicists agree that utilitarianism is immoral, but sadly it remains the most common way of making moral choices in matters of life and death in America. One example of utilitarianism is Trump’s determined attempt to ban Obamacare which would result in millions of minority Americans losing their healthcare insurance in the midst of this pandemic. Those states that have chosen to end their lockdowns instead of protecting the lives of the vulnerable are now utilitarian states.

In a recent briefing our president claimed that although he’s not a doctor that he has common sense but in that same briefing he proved that he has none when he suggested putting a strong source of UV “inside the body” and/or injecting or ingesting disinfectants to fight the coronavirus. And no, he wasn’t just being sarcastic, but even if he had been, he would’ve still been being very irresponsible. He previously declared that he had absolute authority over the states and that he would overrule the governors if they didn’t follow his coronavirus task force’s guidelines. But, now that several states (including our own) are ignoring those guidelines and reopening, he’s ambiguously washed his hands and passed the buck.

Last night, I dreamed that my wife and I accidentally became separated at the Nacogdoches county fair. As I searched frantically, people were sipping disinfectants, coughing, vomiting and collapsing on the midway. No one was wearing a mask or social distancing.

I awoke to a reality that was even worse than that nightmare. 52,000 Americans had died from the coronavirus. This afternoon, my wife and I wept as our beautiful 13-year-old dog Josey lay dying from heart failure. We stroked her gently and called her name as she took her last breath. Josey!

Ron Hurst


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Its strange how hatred for Trump have caused many to lose their ability to think rationally . I have been voting since the poll tax days and I have never seen another president that had to deal with a crisis such as this. It is not the time to criticize , we need to work together to get through this pandemic .


Well said "betteryboy". I agree with you.

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