I have been watching the farce which Democrats present as official Congressional business.

They seem to have forgotten the millions of dollars and countless hours which the Mueller investigation cost, and certainly seem to have forgotten that false claims to a FIZA court were used as justification for the “investigation.”

They absolutely want voters to forget that most of the misdeeds they wanted to accuse Republicans of committing were activities committed by their comrades in the Clinton campaign in 2016.

If anyone in the business world had made such dishonest representations and cost his/her company so much money for zero result, the official would have been fired long ago.

Democrats have no concern about wasted federal money.

Neither, it seems, do the voters who keep electing them.

R. Max Walton


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They are not concerned because they are not spending their money. These are TAX AND SPEND DEMOCRATS. Their plans are to make us pay for Medicare for all including illegal immigrants.

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