As George Bernard Shaw wrote, “If the lesser mind could measure the greater, as a footrule can measure a pyramid, there would be finality in universal suffrage.”

A recent opinion page featured a decidedly lesser mind trying to measure a greater one, with predictable results. Trump is many things, and many people have varying reasons to dislike him, but he is not stupid. As for the respect our country has around the world, the respect was dealt a severe blow by Obama’s apology tour and his willingness to enter into agreements which were strongly against our national interest. Part of the reason was that neither he nor John Kerry had any experience or skill as negotiators. President Trump has that skill and is willing to use it.

Another recent letter predicted the demise of the Republican Party. To that one can reply “If wishes were horses, all beggars would ride,” as it takes wishful thinking to an extreme. The Democrats in the House have made such fools of themselves that the public would have a hard time ignoring their wasted time and money, leaving an outcome which would have Republicans gaining seats in both houses.

The Mueller report was prepared exclusively by partisan leftists whose goal was to harm the President. They failed. The effort to impeach and remove him was led by two of the most corrupt and partisan members of Congress. It produced a result so weak that the Speaker seems afraid to submit it to the Senate. Now the Democrats want to demand changes in the way the Senate trial is to be conducted, if at all. Good luck with that. There was certainly nothing fair about the way the House hearings were conducted.

R. Max Walton


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