The issue that Trump falls back on again and again when he suspects his support among his base is wavering is immigration, especially along the southern border. There are several reasons for this.

Hate and bigotry are big attention grabbers for members of his cult. Trump himself is sadistic and has no respect for human life, other than himself and his family. The border wall (which we were told at least 100 times that Mexico would pay for) is a big money maker for many of his supporters.

Trump sees the wall as a monument to his time in office. The immigration issue takes some of the attention off other issues, such as Trump colluding with a foreign nation in an attempt to influence the 2020 election.

If you are a Christian, aren’t you glad there wasn’t someone like Trump serving as the supreme leader of Egypt when Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus fled there to escape Herod?

I am glad we had a president who was a Christian, although a Republican, in office in 1975 when Vietnam fell. After putting my life on the line for two years defending Vietnam against its enemies, I was sad to see the country fall despite all our efforts and lives lost.

So, when our church in Northern Virginia put out a call for sponsors, my wife and I responded. So far as I know, we sponsored the first Vietnamese family to settle in the D.C. area in May 1975. Not only did the Ford Administration give moral support, the Pentagon sent a reporter and photographer to our quarters at Ft. Belvoir for interviews. Could you see Trump and his cult members doing something like that?

We often hear the term “Trump hater.” What is a Trump hater? It’s someone who disagrees with Trump. Now, the enemies of the Republican Party are those who uncover crime and prosecute it, not the criminals themselves.

Carl Hess

Ozark, Ala.

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Trump did wanted the Christians wanted for years, he moved Israel's

capitol to Jerusalem. If every president did what Trump is trying to do taxpayer wouldn't be paying $300 billion annually on illegal immigration. A little common intelligence tell you it not good for the country. Twenty-six countries have walls or fences to protect their borders, are we the only one that's not smart enough to do the same. There are several places in the bible that say that a country's borders should be protected.

One of every four people in Houston is an immigrant and this is a divided city by language , culture, economics and education. In the event of a national emergency we will be worse that the city of Babel. I hope hatred for Trump don't make all of us loose out rational.

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