I just finished last week listening to and watching the so called impeachment hearings. All I saw and heard was presumption, how someone could overhear a phone conservation in a restaurant and a lot of hearsay from what other folks were telling other folks.

I have also learned that our diplomatic corps or diplomatic service is another level of the hidden government that is directing the foreign affairs of our country. These folks are career diplomatic that if they do not like want a president is directing them to do can just ride it out until the next election; except in this case where they are part of the resistance group to disrupt the current president.

And then when Quid pro quo as an exchange of goods or services, in which one transfer is contingent upon the other; “a favor for a favor” is now considered to be a criminal act. This is how business has always been conducted with foreign countries and even amongst ourselves. What a crock!!

The Democratic Party has disgraced themselves through their resistance, outright bold face lying by their committee chairman Adam Schiff and their own corruption that needs to be rooted out.

Thank goodness for talk radio and cable news that we can access to sort out what is true and false.

One of the best parts of the hearings was during a break in the impeachment testimony where CNN Chris Cuomo attempted to give a live on-air demonstration to debunk the president’s assertion that he had been watching people making calls and has never been able to hear or understand the conversation, unless they were on speaker phone. During the demonstration it completely backfired on him as his colleague Dana Bash could not hear the conversation as she awkwardly glanced at the camera as Cuomo fumble with his phone.

Well the next step is the impeachment hearing in the Senate. Hopefully the resistance will meet their demise and we can once again move on.

Robert Ault


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