How to choose a President is simple. First impressions when the campaigning begins are important. Study each candidate carefully.

Question number one should be, “Can I stand to listen to him/her for four long years?”

Hillary came across as a shrew! She’s impossible to be around and not very likable. She’s the kind of person you would go out of your way to avoid at all cost, just like the Secret Service agents did, in the White House, during Bill’s tenure as President.

Biden is a walking, talking disaster and he’s a little long in the tooth, way past his prime, and I can’t remember a time when he ever had a prime to begin with.

Obama struck me as the kind of guy who goes out of his way to avoid confrontation. A smile and speech making were his strengths and he “led from behind” because he had no idea what was going to happen, so he played it safe at all times. He also told some whoppers that hurt a lot of people right in the pocket book.

The Bushes and Kerrey were straight from Blue Blood casting. Too Upper crust for me. They never did, and still don’t, understand what it’s like to struggle raising a family. Like Gore, they were born to be President, and knew it.

Jimmy Carter was a complete unknown, smart but lacking common sense. A real example of the risk that is taken when a President is elected, based on speeches.

Buttigieg can talk about anything, but no one can remember what he said. His husband might be a problem when they go to Saudi Arabia. I don’t think it would work.

Bernie has become a celebrity with a cult like status. Arms flailing, crazy white hair, the NY accent. He’s straight out of Vaudeville, fun to watch, but his ideas are a disaster waiting to happen, in fact, they did a number of times in the last century.

Warren is too schoolmarmish for most people and set in her ways.

Bloomberg is typical New Yorker.

That’s it!

Patrick Choate


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Think hard about each candidate before you vote . Do you want Buttigieg and a First Man in the White House or a Socialist who will change our whole economic and political system that resemble other failed Socialists systems around the world , maybe like Venezuela. Finally there is no set protocol for speaking, or actions for the presidency. BEWARE OF HOLLYWOOD AND THE BIASED MEDIA

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