When Beto said “Hell yes, we’re going to take your Ar-15 and Ak-47,” he was greeted with applause and not one dissent. Here are law-abiding citizens who have purchased firearms that are legal, and with the stroke of the pen, they become criminals if they do not agree to a confiscation of their legal property.

Compulsory buybacks are confiscation, even at the point of a gun. These guns can cost $3,000 or more.

Then, as a demonstration of his strong-arm tactics, Beto notifies the FBI of a death threat when Briscoe Cain, a state representative, dares to disagree with him. The death threat? “My AR is ready for you.” This is why red flag laws should not be law. Some petulant spoiled child like Beto can interpret anything as a threat, and someone’s property is confiscated without due process, a constitutional right.

Even if a law to limit magazine capacity to as little as five rounds were enacted, the gun grabbers would say that is a start. But what is the end? By what is seen and heard, the end is clear — total confiscation. First the AR, then all the semi-auto guns, and then all the others that are left. They would feel better if there were no guns anywhere. Good luck on that. With porous borders, these weapons would be easily accessed in that manner.

As residents of Nacogdoches, our history tells us gun confiscation is a bad idea. In 1832, Col. Jose de los Piedras, Mexican commander, issued a decree that all residents surrender their guns to him. Residents did indeed bring their guns to town, but they were loaded. In what is known as the Battle of Nacogdoches, Piedras lost 47 of his soldiers and was chased across the Angelina River. This was the last time Mexican rule existed in Nacogdoches and the last time anyone tried to take guns here.

No one wants the taking of innocent life, Democrat or Republican. We have a crime problem, not a gun problem. Instead of Beto and the Democratic Party demonizing the NRA and name calling, perhaps cooler heads can prevail to minimize these tragedies.

Chris Englert


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