Here in 2021, one of the few things that vast majorities of Americans agree on is that we are tired of our endless wars. We are all tired of American lives and money being spent with a lack of results to show for it.

But did the withdrawal have to be like this? Did we have to leave thousands of Americans and Afghan allies stranded in the country? Did we have to remove all air support and private military contractors who would have helped the Afghan Air Force? Did we have to withdraw with no contingency plans in place for various outcomes?

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I am a Korean and Vietnam veteran who has no respect for any Afghan who ran away to a safe haven and left $ 80 billion in armaments for the Taliban to control. The colonist could have run away to Canada once they heard the British were coming but they didn't they stayed and fought like brave men against many odds. The Afghans are not the first we tried to help and they ran away after the American troops left. During the fall of Saigon in 1975, the Vietnamese men couldn't wait to get on a plane coming to the U.S. leaving behind women and children and sometimes their wives. The last this country needs is more cowardly men who refused to face up to a challenge with the help of sponsoring countries. Finally, every American that wanted to leave had months to get out of the country. It's still not clear why we had so many American civilians in the country each having s translators they wish to get to America. Do we as a country ever learn anything from history? Russia stayed in Afghanistan for 9 years and left without success and the French were in Vietnam until 1954 and left defeated and we went to both countries and left with the same results. Some in Biden's military administration should be held accountable and suffer consequences.

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