With election season around the corner, we’re glad we live in Nacogdoches County where the local elections office is friendly, helpful and one of the most organized anywhere in the state.

Not everyone in the Lone Star State is so lucky. Don’t believe us? Take a look at Midland County.

Our brothers and sisters in West Texas had an election mess on their hands that dragged out for months after a ballot box was lost — how in the world does one lose a ballot box? — only to be rediscovered earlier this month.

The 836 missing ballots were finally counted two months late, and Midland ISD’s $569 million bond election failed by 26 votes. We cannot imagine the turmoil that would have followed if Nacogdoches ISD’s bond election in 2018 suffered a similar fate.

Local elections administrator Todd Stallings and his office do a fantastic job and do their best to educate voters and make participating in our grand democracy as easy as possible. Stallings and his staff are an indispensable resource for our community.

Sometimes, especially leading up to elections, we pick up the phone to call them with quite complicated queries about election law, polling places and other things that voters need to know before casting a ballot.

Usually someone in the elections office has a prompt answer, and if not, they’ll gladly research it for us.

Voters, chairmen of both major political parties and candidates have all regaled us with stories of how great our elections office is. State Rep. Travis Clardy this week called it “the best in the state,” and he wasn’t speaking in hyperbole.

Transparent and well run elections keep voters confident in results. Otherwise, in places like Midland, voters have doubts. At a time when our country is so politically divided, it is of the utmost importance to have faith in our electoral process.

Voters in Nacogdoches County have plenty of reason to be faithful and never to be discouraged from going to the polls.

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